Due to the tiny nature of trademark rights, we at Salih El Amin Intellectual Property have assigned the responsibility for trademark matters to a well-staffed Trademark Section. The attorneys who operate this section are educated and experienced enough to provide full service support to our clients, right from advising on the proper technical artwork or design of a trademark and up to the most appropriate brand management strategy.

It is indeed a matter of principle and commitment to our trademark attorneys not to blindly proceed as instructed by the client if they feel a certain advice is necessary or required to be rendered beforehand. The rationale behind this is to ensure placing on file a most accurate application or response and avoid unnecessary Office Actions, delays or expenses which could result from filing a defective application or response.


Salih El Amin Intellectual Property has achieved over the past years an excellent record of successful prosecution of trademark matters. In addition to ensuring filing problem-free applications, our Trademark Section uses its highest professional legal expertise and skills in responding to Office Actions and oppositions. However, should we before responding to an Office Action or opposition feel we would not have good chances in overcoming the same, we would not see any harm in advising the client of the little chances of success in a particular case.

Trademark Maintenance

A unit for the maintenance of trademark rights has been established at Salih El Amin Intellectual Property to assist our clients with the renewal of their trademark registrations in the various countries. Part of the duties of this unit is to remind our clients well in advance of the dates their registrations fall due for renewal. Once instructed by the client, the unit proceeds immediately with the renewal formalities with objective to ensure that the renewal is made in time and that the client should not incur unnecessary expenses on late renewal or reinstatement of the registration.

Trademark Enforcement

Our firm has established a commendable record in successful enforcement actions in trademark matters. The attorneys who handle infringement, passing-off, unfair competition and cancellation actions have acquired vast experience in successfully concluding these actions. Of course, before we proceed with any action we must first advise the client as to the best course of action to be taken and the chances of success therein.

Watch Service

Part of the services which our firm endeavors to provide to our business clients at all appropriate times is to watch out for their trademarks against published and infringing marks. If we come across a trademark which we believe to be similar to our client mark, we report this to the client by way of a free watch notice. The objective behind this is to keep our clients always aware of conflicting trademarks and provide them with the necessary assistance to defend their trademark rights in the jurisdiction involved.