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Our Patent Section is primarily responsible to advise our clients on their patent needs in our region. The scope of advice which we render in this respect varies from assessing the patentability of a particular invention, indicating the filing requirements in each given jurisdiction, up to explaining the extent of protection available and recommending the appropriate course of action in the event of an infringement of a patent right.

Legal basis Federal Law No. 17 by year 2002 on Protection of Patents and Industrial Designs
International Conventions Paris Convention Priority, and 
Priority Claim Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). 
Novelty Yes
Publication Sources Absolute
Period for opposition Official Gazette.
Publication after registration Sixty (60) days from the date of publication in OG
Extension Years Yes
Pharmaceutical/ Medical Product/ Patent None
Annuity Yes
Working Requirements Yes
Appellate authority (administrate) Within four years from filing
Appellate authority (judicial) Patent Office.
Validity of Registration Civil Court
Substantive Examination Twenty (20) years from filing date
Time Span for registration Twenty four (24) months to Thirty six(36) from date of
Enforcement of Patent rights 1.Criminal Court (infringment)
-Registered Patent Civil:
1.Civil Court (infringment, unfair competition)
-Unregistered Patent Civil:
1.Civil Court (unfair competition)
Court System 1st Instance      Appeal      High Court
Legal System Civil Law