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Salih El Amin, Managing Director of Salih El Amin Intellectual Property, provides legal consultation on all IP aspects prevailing in the Middle East region, with concentration on patents, trademarks, designs and copyrights in the GCC and other countries.

“I am basically a lawyer with English law legal back ground. I have been in the legal profession for the last 32 years of which I devoted more than 17 years for exclusively practicing IP law. My practice covers all areas of IP law, including prosecution, maintenance and enforcements of patent, trademarks, designs and copyrights. I also provide legal advice on all such matters. During the said period, I served a spectrum of large national and international companies, including well-known industrial, trading and services companies.

Firm’s Profile:

Salih El Amin Intellectual Property (SAIP) is a full intellectual property service firm. The firm is proud to present itself as one stop-shop and central link for consultation and service in all intellectual property matters in the Middle East, Far East and Africa.

The firm’s practice is based on the following principles:

• Accurate diagnosis of the case involved in light of the prevailing local laws.
• Application of the highest professional techniques to ensure successful disposition of the case.
• Cutting-edge quality attendance to client’s matter
• Speedy action (without sacrificing quality to urgency).
• Cost-effectiveness at the same quality pace.
• Application of advanced technology with a view to ensure accurate management of IP matters.

Our service covers all aspects of IP matters, including without limitation, the prosecution, maintenance and enforcement of patents, designs, trademarks, domain names and copyrights. The firm’s head office is based in Dubai, U.A.E, which is now largely seen as a business hub in the Middle East. The firm has recently established its own offices in some other GCC and Arab countries, including Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, in addition to Sudan. Nevertheless, the firm is able to practice in most countries of the world through carefully-selected professional associations.

The firm’s staff is composed of highly qualified and dedicated persons. They include lawyers and attorneys with various categories and diverse legal backgrounds. This diversity of the human resources and their legal backgrounds have proven to be helpful to the firm’s clients in understanding and responding to their needs in the fastest and most practical manner.

At present the firm provides IP services in the Middle East and other countries to a wide spectrum of domestic and international business clients. These include large industrial, trading and service providing companies.

Mr. Salih El Amin
Managing Director
Attorney at Law, Founder and Senior Partner, Senior IP Consultant.