Geographical Coverage

Salih El Amin Intellectual Property is representing a wide spectrum of business clients from almost all continents of the world. These clients include huge and well-known international commercial and/or industrial companies and business enterprises with large IP portfolios.

The firm has efficiently and diligently served these clients in IP matters in most of the prominent regions of the world. Our records show a considerable number of Middle East based clients whom we represent in U.S.A., Europe, North America, Latin America and Far East in patent and trademark matters. However, most of our operations in the Middle East and Arab countries are associated with IP portfolios of US, European and Asian companies.

Specifically, the countries and regions in which our firm is capable to represent its clients include all GCC countries, all Arab countries, all African countries (including OAPI and ARIPO), most of Asian and Far East countries, the European Union, U.S. and other North American countries and most large South American countries.