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Turkey: Trademark Cancellation Process Simplified

Effective January 10, 2024, Türkiye has shifted trademark cancellation authority from courts to the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office (TPTO). This aims to simplify processes, especially in instances concerning non-use, generic, misleading, or non-compliant trademarks, anticipating a quicker, cost-effective administrative procedure likely leading to increased cancellation actions. It must be noted that Pending cases as […]

Dubai Leads the Way: Implementation of “Work Package”Initiative to Benefit Thousands of Companies

The UAE government announced the launch of the “Work Package” to manage workers’ services and attract and employ them in private sector, the start of implementation of this initiative is in Dubai as a first stage, to benefit 275,000 companies streamlining procedures for an estimated 10 million transactions annually in Dubai alone. The UAE government […]

UAE: Ministry of Economy Unveils a new Intellectual Propertysystem with 11 Innovative Initiatives

The UAE Ministry of Economy has unveiled a new intellectual property system which featuring 11 initiatives in various fields and applications of intellectual property. The object of the initiatives is to enhance innovation and creativity, and provide a competitive and suitable environment for inventors and creators to develop and transform their ideas into business opportunities […]

Top Brands in UAE: Emirates Airlines Leads

In a recent survey done by the well-known “YouGov” website, “Emirates Airlines”, the Dubai- based airline, achieved a score of 60.7, making it the top local brand according to UAE consumers. As per the poll, Emirates Airlines topped the list of brands most recommended by UAE consumers which included global brands such as iPhone and […]


We are aware that intellectual property laws are yet to be enacted in the new born state of South Sudan. However, a temporary trademark protection system under which trademarks may only be “reserved” has been established. All trademarks reserved will be registered as soon as a trademark law is promulgated and an official trademark register […]

Qatar – National Phase of PCT Applications

Although Qatar had joined the PCT since May 3, 2011, and that it could have been designated in International Applications filed on or after August 3, 2011, still it seems not possible to enter PCT applications into the national phase in this country. Qatar has enacted a patent law since 2006. However, the patent office […]