Libya: New Electronic Publication System with Shortened Opposition Period

The Libyan Ministry of Economy and Trade, in line with the new executive regulations (no. 26 of 2024) issued on 17 January 2024, launched an electronic trademark publication system, where 6, 236 applications for registering local and foreign trademarks, which were filed during the years 2013 to 2015 were published.

Minister of Economy and Trade, Mohammed Al-Hawaij, adopted a timetable to complete the process of electronic publication of trademark registration applications until the year 2023 by June 2024.

Additionally, the Ministry has cut down the period for receiving oppositions to register the mark from 90 days to a non-extendable 30 days starting from the date of publication on the electronic system, this strategic amendment accelerates the trademark registration process while increasing the responsibility of interested parties to act promptly.

Other important changes brought about by the Regulations are that Libya has now embraced the 11th Edition of the Nice Classification, moreover, there has been a comprehensive revision of the fee structure, resulting in a notable increase in official fees.

Minister Al-Hawaij recommended developing and improving the performance of the Trademark Office and strengthening the mechanism for publishing registration applications through the electronic system and focusing on raising awareness of the importance of protecting the trademark and the importance of intellectual property rights and preserving the distinction and quality of registered products and services.

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