UAE: Ministry of Economy Unveils a new Intellectual Propertysystem with 11 Innovative Initiatives

The UAE Ministry of Economy has unveiled a new intellectual property system which featuring 11 initiatives in various fields and applications of intellectual property. The object of the initiatives is to enhance innovation and creativity, and provide a competitive and suitable environment for inventors and creators to develop and transform their ideas into business opportunities and innovative projects.

Abdulla bin Touq Al Marri Minister of the Economy, highlighted the UAE’s major progress in developing a pioneering environment for intellectual property in accordance with the global standards. He emphasized that the new system will increase the revenues of the national intellectual property sector, by exporting national products and services based on innovation and modern technologies to foreign markets, attracting investments by facilitating the registration of trademarks and patents.

The new system comprises 11 initiatives that will be executed in collaboration with the relevant government agencies in the country some of these include:

1- “Patent Hive” initiative: designed to increase patents registration in the country and raise the rate of granting them to innovators and encouraging them to apply for patents within the country as it included a target to reach 6,000 new patents registered in the country by 2026 in cooperation with research and academic institutions.

2- “Instablock” initiative: an swift service that is provided in cooperation with the Communications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority to address copyright infringement complaints regarding live Internet broadcasting.

3- “IP Sport” initiative: aimed at increasing the number of trademarks registeration in the national sports sector, it will be implemented in partnership with the General Sports Authority, in order to enhance awareness of intellectual property rights in the sports sector, and provide awareness campaigns during the activities of the UAE Innovation Month.

4- “Hayyakom” Initiative: will be launched during the UAE’s hosting of the INTA conference, one of the largest trademarks conferences, with the aim of enhancing the country’s attractiveness to international companies and increasing the rates of attraction for brands.

Indicators of Registration of Intellectual Works, Trademarks and Patents In 2023, the Ministry recorded an increase in the registration of various intellectual property:

– Trademark registration applications rose by 9.6% compared to 2022.

– 29.5% increase in the number of registered intellectual works compared to 2022.

-Patent applications grew by 19.5% with total of (5,108) patents registered, up by 13.7% from 2022.

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