SUDAN: Trademark Office Resumes Operations in Port Sudan city Amidst Challenges

After nearly 10 months of closure due to civil unrest, the Trademark Office in Sudan resumed operations on February 2024. With the ongoing inaccessibility of the main office in Khartoum, Sudan has established a temporary Trademark Office to address trademark matters in the city of Port Sudan.

This temporary office is now accepting a variety of trademark applications, including new filings, renewals, and recordals of mergers, assignments, and changes in name and/or address, However, the office will not deal with follow-on actions like examination of applications and the filing of supporting documents in addition to trademark searches at the present time – this will, apparently, only be possible until clarity is gained on the situation at the main office and the trademark database is restored.

Furthermore, all pending trademark issues prior to 15/April/2023, will be deferred until the main office’s database is recovered. The Office is also faced with staff shortages, due to relocation from Khartoum to Port Sudan, where the cost of living is considerably higher.

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