Dubai Leads the Way: Implementation of “Work Package”Initiative to Benefit Thousands of Companies

The UAE government announced the launch of the “Work Package” to manage workers’ services and attract and employ them in private sector, the start of implementation of this initiative is in Dubai as a first stage, to benefit 275,000 companies streamlining procedures for an estimated 10 million transactions annually in Dubai alone.

The UAE government also announced that the next few weeks will witness the implementation of the “work package” in the rest of the Emirates.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai confirmed the launch of the “work package” project emphasizing its role in eliminating bureaucratic hurdles to reduce procedures, re-engineer services, and reduce their duration in the federal government. and works to facilitate, simplify and shorten the procedures for residency and work in the country.

” The new project will save 62 million working days for all workers renewing their residency and contracts, which were wasted visiting government headquarters and following up on transactions. Additionally, it will shorten 25 million procedures and 12 million visits, saving significant government and private Expenditures, eliminating bureaucracy, shortening procedures, and facilitating people’s lives.

The initiative aligns with the UAE’s digital transformation and quality of services, and the “Zero Government Bureaucracy” program to simplify and reduce government procedures and eliminate unnecessary procedures and requirements in government work, in a way that raises the levels of efficiency, quality and government flexibility.

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