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Our Staff

Founders and Partners
The firms business is lead by our founder and most senior partner, Mr. Salih El Amin, who has been practicing in the legal profession, with concentration on intellectual property law, for more than30 years, in addition to his distinguished educational and professional skills. Mr. El Fadil Yagoub who is also a senior partner and senior attorney at the firm has a very vast experience in handling complex IP issues.

The work team at Salih El Amin Intellectual Property is composed of highly qualified and dedicated employees. They include lawyers and attorneys of various categories with diverse legal backgrounds and vast experience in IP and other related law matters.

We have diversified our human resources with intent to ensure close acquaintance with the legal requirements of the various jurisdictions in which we endeavor to represent and serve our clients. This has greatly helped the firm to provide speedy, most accurate and most cost-effective service to its clients in those jurisdictions. For details of the biographies of our attorneys, please read the enclosed leaflet.


Salih El Amin - Founder, Senior Partner, Senior Consultant

Sudanese, born 1956, LLB, University of Khartoum, Sudan, 1979.

Area of Practice: patent and trademark law, domain names, franchise distribution, agency, real-estate, unfair competitions, litigation, joint ventures, licensing.



Abdulla Darwish - IP Enforcement Attorney

Syrian, born 1969, LLB, Damascus University, Syria-1992.

Area of Practice: Trademark civil and criminal litigation, IP enforcement consultations, corporate law litigation, insurance, banking law, civil law.

Messai Ali Yahia - Industrial Property Law Attorney

Eritrean, born 1977, LLB University of Asmara, Eretria – 2000.

Area of Practice: Patent and design law, copyright law, domain names, prosecution of industrial property applications, human rights, criminal litigation.

Maila Lim - IP Paralegal

Filipino, born 1980; BA (Industrial Psychology) Catabatato City, State University College, Philippines 2003.

Area of Practice: Management of IP rights, ascertainment and reporting of case status and progress, IP operation and coordination, data entry, management of case file system, management of IP databases.

Sheeba Thomas - System & Accounting Manager

Indian, Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science, University of Madras, India - 1993.

Area of Practice: Planning, development and maintaining of the IP Management System, coordination with the clients interaction through the system, in charge of accounting system.


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