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A- FILING DOMAIN APPLICATION A Power of Attorney legalized up to the Sudan Consulate
  A Copy of the Certificate of Incorporation legalized up to the Sudan Consulate
Q1) What is the authority responsible for registration of domain names in Sudan?
A1) Sudan Internet Society (SIS)
Q2) What information and documents required for registration of a domain name?
A2) Please refer to the Sudan pages on this website.
Q3) What is the top level domain in Sudan?
A3) .sd
Q4) Is it possible to conduct search for the availability of a domain name with SIS?
A4) Yes.
Q5) Are there any other categories of domain names available in Sudan.?
A5),,,,,, and also .sd
Q6) Are there any domain names precluded from registration?
A6) Yes. These include, but are not limited to, abbreviations with country code top level domain, existing generic top level domain, domain names violating public morality or public order or against religious rituals or religious characters, domain names likely to deceive the public, geographical indications or geographical names, domain names corresponding to trademarks of third parties, names of well-known persons unless his consent has been obtained.
Q7) Is it possible to renew a domain name registration?
A7) Yes.
Q8) Is there any grace period for late renewal of a domain name registration?
A8) Yes. A grace period of two months is allowed and if the domain name registration is not renewed within this period, it will be cancelled.
Q9) Is it possible to amend the contact details of a domain name after registration?
A9) Yes.
Q10) Is a domain name registration assignable?
A10) Yes. It can be assigned to any other third party.
Q11) Is there any special policy for resolution of domain names disputes involving the top level domain name, .sd?
A11) Yes.
Q12) Would the SIS deliberately cancel a domain name registration?
A12) Yes. This would be done if it turns out that the information given by the registrant on the application form was false, incomplete, incorrect, misleading or that the application was made in bad faith.
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